Custom Orders

We offer custom frames of all sizes, colors, and wood grains. We also offer full custom commissions shoots, where we photograph a scene of your choosing and make art tailored specifically to your vision.

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Nature is art. It’s all around us

CULTERRA is the fine photography destination where Mother Earth’s artistry is brought into sharp focus. Founded by acclaimed photographer and filmmaker Taylor O’Sullivan, the gallery’s vibrant collection of nature-inspired framed prints captures moments from Taylor’s travels across over 60 countries.

Honoring the ‘culture of the earth,’ CULTERRA serves as a potent antidote to the ephemeral essence of digital art consumption, urging viewers to notice — and then connect with—the natural world on a deeper level. Earthy nuances,
meditative nature scenes, and enveloping landscapes define the collection, preserving otherwise fleeting magnificence in timeless prints.

Each artwork intends to spark curiosity and encourage meaningful engagement, and CULTERRA prints are finished with the same intentionality as their conception. Every CULTERRA piece is framed locally in handcrafted wood sourced from Italy and finished in Orange County, emphasizing a commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Shot on digital, 35mm film, and medium format, CULTERRA embodies Taylor’s deliberate return to the art of film photography—a conscious shift she describes as ‘a migration back to patient art.’ In today’s digital age, endless scrolling through content has become the primary way for people to experience the natural world indirectly. Taylor believes this insatiable urge to consume is, ironically, unnatural, and CULTERRA stands in contrast as the antithesis of ‘the scroll.’